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What is The Pond Life all about?

The Pond LIFE brand embraces the tranquility that comes with owning a water feature. Whether you own a small patio pond in an urban apartment or your backyard is filled with the sounds and sites of beatiful waterfalls, Ponds and KOI you can't deny the relaxation that is inherently associated with owning a water feature.


You can feel the stress and anxiety of the day start to melt away as you relax and spend time around your pond or water feature. The relaxing sounds of waterfalls cascading from a stream, Koi fish gracefully gliding through the water, butterflies dancing among the landscaping, & birds singing in the nearby trees is pure bliss!!. That’s exactly what having a Water Feature is all about, a little piece of paradise in that you can visit anytime you want.


The "Pond Life" brand exists to unite the pond world. "Like Minded" friends, family, pond enthusiast, contractors and retailers that believe in helping others through the flowing waters that connect us all by "LIVING LIFE" one pond at a time!


With a relentless dedication to provide clothing, gear and designs that transcend the Pond Lifestyle, we hope to evolve into a lifestyle brand with worldwide appeal. Whether you own a small fountainscape, large KOI pond or landscape waterfall those who live and breathe the Pond Life have one thing in common... We hope you will embrace the Pond life brand and help us spread the tranquility and peac in life that comes from living the Pond Lifestyle!